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The Vander Linden’s

Our family consists of Mark, Sarah, and our daughter Veronica.  Sarah and I met and have been together since we were 17 years old.  We have one beautiful daughter Veronica and welcome more children if that is part of the greater plan.

Sarah and I both grew up on Dairy farms in Outagamie County, WI.  We met in 4-H and our rural roots run deep.  After we married, we lived in Appleton for a few years and then had the opportunity to buy my parents farm house, barn and a few acres.  We thought it would be nice to give Sarah a chance to have the horses she had dreamed about since having one as a little girl!  We set out to have our Hobby Farm — and remodeled the House, and Outbuildings we had just purchased – with a lot of help!

As we began our Hobby Farm, we started with Horses, Llamas, Miniature Donkeys, and Goats – to add to our dog Remi.  They were a lot of fun – but along with it – a lot of work and expense!  As some time went on, we noticed our “pets” were now getting a bit Fat & Sassy with too much pasture available to them.  Mark put on his “research geek” hat and started to look into raising Beef animals – but on some of this lush green pasture he was growing – rather than the traditional concrete lot with a corn and pellet bin as a feed source.  After reading much of the information on the benefits of Grass Feeding – I was hooked!  We started raising Grass Fed Beef with just 2 animals, and it has grown from there.  We now supply beef to a upscale Restaurant in Door County, WI who has become our largest customer.  In addition, we are proud to have beef customers dating all the way back to our first year of operation, as well as, having had one client serve our beef for their Wedding!

We strive to provide a quality product at a reasonable price to all of our customers.  We also try to be a resource of information to customers, and others, who are interested in learning more ways to better their health and environment.  Sarah has caught on to being environmentally friendly in a big way as well.  She has made a lot of progress into making our home as toxic free as possible with intelligent cleaners, shampoo, soaps, glass vs. plastic use, recycling etc.

As we try to have a good impact on our surroundings, we believe in helping others along the way.  This may be in giving some of our Beef to Charity, helping to feed the hungry, or in helping to educate people on what we have learned through our experiences.

Thanks you for your interest in our grass Fed Beef Products – we hope that you will find all of what you are looking for!


Mark, Sarah, Veronica Vander Linden

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