Our Ranch is located between Green Bay and the Fox Cities in Wisconsin.  We grow 100% Grass Fed Beef with Angus and Hereford cross beef animals.  We rotationally graze our animals in harmony with the natural growing cycle of our Grass and Legume pastures.  They are allowed to graze day and night without being confined.

We work with Mother Nature as we begin each year with our largest number of animals.  They begin to graze fresh paddocks of pasture as soon as it is ready in April or May.  When there is not enough pasture to fully feed our animals, we provide them with harvested pasture from the previous year.  As all grass grows abundantly in Spring, we need our entire herd during this time just to keep up!  We will then begin to harvest some of our beef animals in June, as the grass will slow down soon.  The remaining animals will then have pasture to carry them a few more months and we will then harvest some additional animals in September.  Our remaining group of beef animals will then be allowed to graze late into the year with the last harvest being scheduled for December.  By removing animals as the grass growth slows, we are best able to grow healthy animals with little mechanical harvesting of feed.  Our single cutting of hay each year will carry us over during slow growth periods, and the next winter season of course!

Grass Fed Beef has many attributes that make it a great option for many of us.  Pasture raising is healthier for the beef animal during it’s lifetime, as well as, providing us with a healthier beef for our diet as well.  Our beef animals are well cared for – with plenty to eat, plenty of time to rest, and plenty of time to play.  The only time they see me is actually a good time – as I walk them to a new pasture for the day!  To see the “train” of animals follow me to a pasture is something to witness!

Our Grass Fed Beef is a locally produced product.  Our animals are raised their entire lives within 15 miles of our Ranch!  With your purchase of beef, you help ensure that your food dollars help support the local economy.  We hope to take the worry out of buying from a grocer that may have purchased this week’s meat “special” from Nebraska, Texas, or even Uruguay!

See additional sources of information regarding Grass Fed Beef and other products in the FAQ’s section of our site.  I will also try to be a resource for additional information and provide tours of our Ranch – to help people see where there food comes from.  Feel free to contact me with additional questions!

Mark & Sarah Vander Linden
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